R. Kelly, RNB Super Star or Abusive Sociopath?

Devon writes about abuse and the legal tactics used to keep it hidden, among other things.

Devon J Hall


So Buzzfeed is reporting that women who are kept by R. Kelly are actually in some kind of weird sexual cult.

I know that I’m not the smartest woman on the planet, but I’ve been here for thirty-four years so I feel as if I have learned a thing or two, 18-year-old girls are not qualified to be called women.

At least not in my mind – at 18 I was still just a kid, trying to figure life out, trying to figure out where my place was in the world – I wasn’t a woman.

A woman is someone who has some real life experience under her belt, she understands what she wants out of life, and how to get there, and it takes some time to become a woman. That’s okay there is absolutely no shame in that.

18-year-old girls in relationships with 50-year-old men are not fully “woke”…

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