The Red Queen

Nicole writes for a queenly friend.

Nicole Lyons

For Shawna, may your scarlet crown always blind the fools; never forget who you are and what you deserve.


The Red Queen

She has stood before the greatest men
and they have knelt within her fires.
She forged herself a scarlet crown
from each of their desires.
She never kept them kneeling,
always thanked them for their time.
She graced them with a sweet goodbye
and gifted them a smile.
Lesser men have tried to take her crown away,
using any trick they had to try and make her stay.
But once a queen has found her crown,
a King is who she seeks.
One of grit and strength and honour
because a Queen is what he needs.
So let this be a lesson to any fool who tries,
the crown atop the Red Queen’s head
is there until she dies.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

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