“Cis people need to Shut the fuck up and let Trans People Take the Lead”

Devon writes and speaks in response to several statements about Trans issues (Donald Trump’s ban on Trans people in the military, not least) and questions of who can speak and lead.

Devon J Hall

Screenshot_13Anyone who believes this statement is an idiot. The very fact that anyone thinks people identifying as Trans CAN take the lead, needs to shut the fuck up.

Trans Lives have always been in danger, in the last ten-fifteen years, Translives have been in more danger than Straight (Cis) Bisexual, Gay or Lesbian lives, purely because people who are Trans do not fit into a box. They fit into more than one box and for some reason that terrifies lesser minds.

This morning I woke up thinking I was going to go to CJSF and discuss how we were going to promote CJSF at Pride while simultaneously screaming at the top of our lungs that MY pride is YOUR pride and OUR pride, and then….Trans Ban.

Three days ago I swore that I was dedicating my activism to those of you who identify as Transgender in the name of my…

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