Fuck Fear – Jason Kynge

Nicole shares Jason’s writing of relationship, fear, and magic.

Nicole Lyons



It conjures many images in our mind reading it. But I’m not talking about spiders or my irrational fear of opening a door; afraid someone will burst in at the same time and break my fingers.

I mean those fears that come when we enter a relationship. See I had hit a wall awhile back. Failed relationship after failed relationships. With the exception of one, I’ve remained friends with them all. I want them to be happy because for a moment we shared time together. But that’s not what this is about.

I came to this place of acceptance. Even put it out publicly that you know, I’m good being single and where I’m at. I’ve learned so many things from these past relationships but for the moment I’m standing still. I’m not searching or looking and I’m just going to be content where I am. And I was…

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