3 lessons I learned from my abuser

Sarahbeth Caplin shares 3 important lessons learned from an abusive relationship.

Sarahbeth Caplin

I’m not one of those people who believes that everything happens for a reason. For the most part, I think that idea is complete horseshit.

Redemption from past pain is something different: it doesn’t require that a terrible event take place in order to teach you something. It doesn’t require you to be grateful for a period of suffering or loss. While I’m not sure that redemption does come from every traumatic event, I do believe there was something I dare call “good” that came out of my past abusive relationship.

These are just a few lessons I learned that have helped improve my current relationships, platonic and otherwise:

1) The difference between “apologies” and “not-pologies”

This should speak for itself, but if you’ve ever listened to the tearful confession of a celebrity or a politician caught doing things he shouldn’t, you may notice a pattern of victim-blaming and taking…

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