Civility Disobedience by Sean J Mahoney

Sean J Mahoney challenges us to practice civility and seek the roots of the lack of it.

Open Thought Vortex

(Content Warning)

I’m going to begin by saying I’m sorry.  Please read on…

I was driving home, following a Santa Ana policeman. His window was down and his arm was out, drumming the door side. He withdrew it momentarily and brought it back out again with some sort of dark plastic wrapper crumpled up in his palm, the fringe of which flapped along at 40 mph. He drummed once. Twice. And then let it go.

Car number 841.

Another guy, Mister Regular Citizen Joe, pulled into a parking space at the complex where my office is. He threw open the car door, getting out. Taking one last long swig of his beverage, he tossed the 32 oz. striped white cup on top of the green hedge in the planter and scooted off to work as he must have been late, or close to it.

And why am I…

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