Never before has volunteering given me as much pleasure

Devon pens an inspiring praise of volunteering in support of a beloved cause.

Devon J Hall

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere really is something to this whole following your dreams stuff.

Recently as many of you know, I started volunteering at CJSF and it’s been a truly eye opening experience, more so I think than ever before. Part of the reason I think this experience is so different is that Radio as a whole is something that I have been passionate about since I was just a kid.

However, as much as I love radio I haven’t yet been in the booth – which is ironically fine with me. I started volunteering with CJSF because I very much want to have my own show one day.

I even told my friend Dano – who also works at the station, that I want to be the female Howard Stern one day – you know without the whole being a horrible human being part.

Turns out that this year not only did…

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