5 Reasons Why We Need to Stop Saying That ‘Women Are Half the World’s Population’

Sam points out some omissions in a common statement.

Let's Queer Things Up!

Feminists, I have a pet peeve that I really want to talk about. Namely, this business about women being half the population.

Have you heard this before? An activist is explaining why focusing on women’s rights is so necessary, and as they passionately make their case, they tack onto the end of their speech, “After all, women make up half the world’s population!”

And of course, there’s agreement all around – we can’t perpetuate an injustice against half of the world. That simply won’t do!

I’m not a woman, but I understand the impulse to advocate for women by pointing out just how many women there are. No doubt, it’s compelling to talk about the sheer number of people being denied their autonomy and human rights.

The more people suffering, the greater the injustice, right?

Here’s the thing: I don’t see this “women are half the world”…

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One thought on “5 Reasons Why We Need to Stop Saying That ‘Women Are Half the World’s Population’

  1. i am not a women either! However, it is to my belief that women are the superior human… Nonetheless, there are few men, whom are equal, ifinn not above…

    For myself, i am of family, which is with out a doubt superior to the human-race…

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