Don’t Be A Cheap Prick

The Skinny One has a few things to say on the subject of how expensive it can be to save money.

I Ruin Joy

fall-163496_1280I’m cheap, I like to save money because I want to spend it all on beer. All of it, every single dime I make wants to land at the beer store. I find that my cheapness often leads me down a dangerous path.

Car repairs. Sure, anyone can do brakes in their back yard, why pay full price for brakes? Actually, no, not everyone can do brakes. Apparently, some mechanics can’t even do brakes. Save five hundred on brakes, pay seven hundred in repairs to fix it… Guess what? You still need new brakes.

Tires. Sure, buy cheap tires, tires aren’t an important safety feature of your car. Any ole tires will do. Bonus points if you find them in a field. Free!!!

Clothing. Sure, you can buy cheap clothing and pull your underwear up every five minutes. Your boobs fall out of your bra and the seam is coming…

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