How did Martin Luther King speak without a Xanax?

Beth Caplin on speaking out beyond the screen and the page.

Sarahbeth Caplin

If you ever wondered what you would have said or done during the Nazi invasion of Germany or the Civil Rights movement, you’re doing it now.

That statement, as seen on Twitter, sits at the edge of my thoughts on a daily basis. Of course I imagine myself siding with the Resistance. My allegiance would be on the right side of history.

These days, however, defining what counts as “resistance” is a bit tricky. I never liked the term “slacktivism”: preaching politics from the pulpit of social media without having to actually do anything. But I’m a writer; I know that words have power. I also know that no one ever had their minds changed from arguing in a comment thread. Still, I firmly believe that words plant ideas, and ideas are the force that cultivates change.

At any rate, sharing political views on Facebook – a platform I greatly…

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