Narcissistic abuse in Trumpistan.

Luckyotter writes and the title is clear.

Lucky Otters Haven

Much has been written about Trump’s toxic psychology, specifically his malignant narcissism.  In spite of The Goldwater Rule (an agreement between mental health professionals to never diagnose someone they have not evaluated), so egregious is 45’s bad behavior that thousands of mental health professionals are breaking their own rule and speculating that he does indeed suffer from both Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Psychopathy/Antisocial Personality Disorder (the non-clinical term is “malignant narcissism” when both disorders appear together).

But the problem isn’t limited to Trump.  Our “president”  (I’m sorry, but I refuse to refer to him as president without adding scare quotes for irony) has surrounded himself with a cabinet full of people as entitled-acting and seemingly lacking in human empathy and devoid of conscience as he is.   If they are not sociopathic themselves, they are enabling cowards who keep making excuses for Trump’s horrible behavior and the toxic, abusive things…

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James Cameron and Marvel need to do better for women!

Devon has a response to a comment by James Cameron about Wonder Woman.

Devon J Hall

Dear men, you’re really stupid sometimes.

I am so tired of men deciding what women need. Cameron, a famous director – a story teller of epic proportions has decided that Wonder Woman isn’t a good role model for women because she is too objectified. 

I’d like to call him a bunch of names, but I’m working on bettering myself so let’s dive into his bullshit excuse for why Wonder Woman isn’t a great role model.

Why you ask? Why is a woman who is beautiful, strong, funny, silly and can kick your ass not a great role model? “She’s too sexy“.

Dear Mr. Cameron, on behalf of every woman on the planet, shut the hell up. Right now, stop talking, just stop, your voice no longer matters on this issue. You are DENIED the ability to criticize women for being objectified, seriously, go away.

Now I’d like to…

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Don’t Be A Cheap Prick

The Skinny One has a few things to say on the subject of how expensive it can be to save money.

Skinny and Single

fall-163496_1280I’m cheap, I like to save money because I want to spend it all on beer. All of it, every single dime I make wants to land at the beer store. I find that my cheapness often leads me down a dangerous path.

Car repairs. Sure, anyone can do brakes in their back yard, why pay full price for brakes? Actually, no, not everyone can do brakes. Apparently, some mechanics can’t even do brakes. Save five hundred on brakes, pay seven hundred in repairs to fix it… Guess what? You still need new brakes.

Tires. Sure, buy cheap tires, tires aren’t an important safety feature of your car. Any ole tires will do. Bonus points if you find them in a field. Free!!!

Clothing. Sure, you can buy cheap clothing and pull your underwear up every five minutes. Your boobs fall out of your bra and the seam is coming…

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7 Signs Your Psychiatrist Is a Keeper

Sam is right on about what people should be able to expect from treatment providers.

Let's Queer Things Up!

“I’ll defer to your judgment on this one,” I said to my psychiatrist, shrugging.

“You defer to me a lot,” he pointed out, laughing. “You’re allowed to have an opinion.”

I was?

As a mentally ill person, I was so accustomed to having decisions made for me that I was baffled when my new psychiatrist was giving me the final say on my treatment – not just once but consistently.

That’s when I realized: No one ever told me what a good psychiatrist looked like, let alone the kind of treatment I deserve.

And this is nothing short of tragic because the relationship that we have with our psychiatrist can make or break us. When our mental health impacts every aspect of our lives, having a positive and trusting relationship can be the difference between surviving and thriving.

It took seven years of navigating psychiatry to finally find a clinician that…

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The Border I have Built

The Muse, musing on a boundary.

The Qwiet Muse

Border – a Six Sentence Story

It was always meant to keep people out, not everyone, there is a door of course, one I’ve locked up tight and hidden away the key.

I built it stone by stone, piece by piece with my own two hands and it’s served its purpose well.

I’ve made a home behind this wall, where it’s comfortable, safe, and warm.

The only way in is to be invited, and sometimes even then, I may ask my guests to leave.

It’s quiet here, so very quiet here, sometimes it is too quiet here.

It was always meant to keep people away, a border between them and me, but sometimes I forget the way out and the only one in here is me.

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A Thursday Throwback – Heed my warning . . .

The Muse gives warning – heed this

The Qwiet Muse

Giuseppe Mentessi, Despairing Woman 1901 Giuseppe Mentessi, Despairing Woman 1901 ‘Tis a cautionary tale I have to tell.

Oh misery. Oh woe.

Of woe and misery I speak.

Ne’er a more wretched creature than I could be made to endure such a beautiful morn as this. Tis this truly the light, come at last to dispel the darkness of this long and enervated night? Alas! This loathsome, beautifully vexatious blaze dost pierce mine eyes as penance for enterprises I indulged throughout the night.

I beseech thee night, come back! Come back and cast upon me again thine shadows, dispel this light which illuminates my gloom with ray upon ray of golden glare upon my solecism, upon my sin. Let it leave me till the morrow – let me linger still beneath thine darkened shroud. Let tarry the sun, and the birds of song, let them tarry too, for I, wretched beast I have become…

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