Hasty’s celebration of strong women continues.


Around Valentine’s Day of this year my daughter told me she was going to celebrate strong women.  She said not everyone has a boyfriend and (she was 12) not everyone wants one.  So I thought let’s do it.

So the question is simple.  If you were going to celebrate a strong independent woman in your life who would it be and why?   What qualities do strong independent women have?

My guest today is an inspiration to me and she has such a beautiful heart.  I hope you visit her website PlantLoveGrow .  Plant Love Grow creates support tools and resources to assist parents, teachers and health professionals.  I promise it is worth a look.

elaheh bos

I lost my mother to cancer when I was nineteen and for a long time this loss consumed me because I felt cheated by life. Mostly, and sadly, it was the fact that I felt…

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