FROM THE LIBRARY – (home internet is down)

I’m using a computer at my local library because a tree took out my phone/DSL wire (also power and cable) about 11pm Monday night.  It was a big oak on a neighbor’s property and stretched across the street (nobody was hurt and no houses damaged).  I have pictures, but I have to upload them to my home computer and post once I’m back online.  The Town crew cut through the tree on Tuesday morning, but our power was out until about 7pm last night (Wednesday).  The phone company says they might get me fixed (They will have to string a new wire because the one in to the house from the street is completely severed.) on Monday.

So, I’m getting way, way behind on reading blogs and comments and won’t get caught up until sometime next week.  I apologize in advance for missing anything.  I will check in from here on Friday and Saturday (unless the phone line gets fixed sooner), but the library is closed on Sunday and Monday.

Irma got this area, but mostly, like me here, with down trees and power lines.  It could have been a lot worse.

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