What Happened in the Barnes & Noble Bathroom Last Night

The Muse recounts a happening. To say more might need a spoiler alert.

The Qwiet Muse

By now, you should know (and if you didn’t, now you do) bookstores are my happy place. My sanctuary from the world around me. I find solace and peace and adventure and knowledge within the rows and stacks of paper and ink.


Sometimes, I even find unexpected joy, happiness, hope, and hilarity from the people who roam those magical aisles alongside me. I enjoy sharing those moments with you.

Coffee, Books, and a Tale To Tell – A Day at the Bookstore

Book Store Story OR The Complete and Utter Ruination of His Life

Not long ago, I also shared a story about a fart ninja who cleared out nearly an entire section with a silent but deadly . . . you can read that one, People Who Fart in Bookstores and Other Heinous FiendsHERE if you’d like. Today, I share another bookstore fart tale with you.


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One thought on “What Happened in the Barnes & Noble Bathroom Last Night

  1. My first experience with bookstores was as that place my mom left me in the mall while she went shopping. I read a lot of SF/Fantasy as a kid. To this day I can’t walk past a bookstore without feeling an emotional gravity pulling me to see if they have any gems inside, no matter how much my taste in books changes over the years.

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