It’s Time For A New Backing Track

The Sassy Lassie writes on a missing piece in the #MeToo conversation.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Alice Walker

The Heart of Sassy Lassie

What if Harvey Weinstein was just a regular guy holding interviews for an accounting job. A woman shows up at his office as planned and after a short while he says, “We’re going to move this meeting to my hotel room, ok?”

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Excerpt from Serena’s novella

A tantalizing excerpt


Everything that has been said up till now about Peter Pan and the lost boys was a lie. My grandmother spoke the truth in her diaries, where no one could see. I am going to share what I can from them and the journals of Hook that she owned. I am not going to try and excuse it. I am merely sharing what I have learned. To some extent, so I do not have on my conscience those who would fall victim if I am wrong about Peter pan and his lost boys being gone.

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Inspiration monsters

Pattimouse reveals work (maybe your knew, but I didn’t) as Serena


Well I have been extra prolific this year with poetry. I just published my third volume for the year. That was three times what I have managed before. So I was not expecting to do much else poetry wise this year. I have two children’s stories I want to finish, a novel half written(as Serena), a novella that needs more(again Serena) and two stories due to an anthology I am doing by March. So I was sitting down to work on Serena’s Rust, Gore, and the Junkyard Zombie.

I found myself distracted…and so to clear my mind I started to write out my thoughts. A mental cleansing if you will. Next thing I knew I have seven poems for my next volume. I don’t have any idea of why I have been this inspired, but I am not going to complain.

Go peek at my author page. I have added…

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The Bernie vs . Hillary wars must stop.

Lucky Otter says to stop the Bernie v. Hillary hating and blaming. She’s right.

Lucky Otters Haven


Just replace Cruz with Trump in this cartoon.  Stop it. Please!

Joy Ann Reid of MSNBC was just talking about the way divisiveness among liberals is keeping us from coming together to fight the Trump administration and take back Congress and the Senate.

She is right.   I’ve seen way too much animosity and hatred between groups of liberals on social media and the comments sections of political articles.

I’ve seen some Bernie Sanders purists who hate the DNC and Hillary Clinton even more than they hate the GOP.  I’ve seen them embrace and spread crackpot conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton that seem  indistinguishable from fake news coming from the alt-right.   Indeed, many of these anti-establishment liberals even voted for Trump as a vote against Clinton (all that mattered to them is he’s anti-establishment too and wants to tear everything down).

I’ve also seen some Clinton supporters bash and vilify people…

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Should we be hasty about Trump’s impeachment or removal?

Lucky Otter asks whether, however bad Trump may be, replacing him with Pence might be even worse.

Lucky Otters Haven


Many people are demanding Trump’s impeachment, if not for Russian collusion and obstruction of justice, then for mental incompetence.   I certainly agree with that.   In fact, I just ordered the book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, a compilation of essays from 27 mental health professionals, including those who specialize in Narcissistic and Antisocial Personality Disorder (there’s a consensus he has both — when they appear together we call it malignant narcissism), that explain why Trump’s impulsivity, general abusiveness, lack of conscience, and lack of empathy is all wrong for the presidency and is in fact extremely dangerous to the planet and all life on it.   I’m happy that so many psychologists and psychiatrists are abandoning the Goldwater Rule, which for decades meant that unless a leader was officially diagnosed, a mental health professional could not offer a diagnosis.    The book, a project of Yale University’s “Duty to…

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Guest author: Shirani Rajapakse – Chant of a Million Women

A chant worth chanting by Shirani Rajapakse

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Let’s Raise a Chant for Women across the World

Have you ever felt there was something you needed to say but didn’t know how to articulate it? Maybe you felt the things you wanted to say wouldn’t be accepted by people, or they wouldn’t understand or feel awkward reading about them? It isn’t easy to speak about topics that are taboo or difficult to discuss. No one wants to address subjects that make them uncomfortable so these matters get shoved into the back of a cupboard and forgotten. But the problems don’t go away. They simmer in the background and grow bigger and darker until they consume everything. Yet no one wants to address the elephant in the room.

Chant of a Million Women is a poetry collection that addresses the very issues that people feel awkward to talk about. Published in August this year, the poems raise concerns people…

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Evaluating “grey rape”

Beth Caplin ponders the question of “gray rape” and the relationship context.

Sarahbeth Caplin

rapI’ve been intrigued by a recent article in the Washington Post by Laura Gianino, who wrote about her sexual assault and was verbally assaulted by internet trolls in return. Her story is all too familiar – plenty of assault survivors know the pain of not being believed by people who weren’t there when the assault took place – but the comment section was filled with sentiments like “You are absolutely right that it’s unconscionable when women are harassed for speaking up – but you are the wrong person to be making this point, because what happened to you wasn’t rape.”

You can read Gianino’s account of her assault here. Now, I have my own judgments about what happened to her – and as an assault survivor myself, I am very sensitive to how people use the emotionally-charged word “rape” – but the point of this post isn’t to pass…

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