Hasty strives for better and tending the future through the children.



I don’t feel like I am a negative person.

Do I get weighed down sometimes in all the shit I read and witness? Yes.

Do I let it keep me from trying to do good? No.

Do I try to stay positive even when the depths of Hell raise up and try to devour us in one big delicious bite? Yes I do.

Does my perspective get twisted sometimes? Do I get angry at the injustice? At the hatred? At the oversimplifications we seem to stand guard over? Yes I do.

Do I pray for better? Yes

Do I leave it with prayer and just expect God to make all the necessary changes? Hell No.
I see a lot wrong and obviously you have to be a somewhat positive person to try to tip the balance in this world.

It takes more than wanting better or praying for better.


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