When Rome Was My Lover

Gunmetal Geisha is here with a story of youthful luck.

Gunmetal Geisha

by Joana Kruse

Three weeks is an endless loop of time where your sanity drains away from you like liquid in low gravity.

When Rome was my lover, I was young but thought I was old. When I was young, I was gifted the sense of invincibility shared by all foolish hatchlings. Even though Rome was my lover, I lived on the streets in Florence for three weeks. I was seventeen, a virgin and fully reliant on the kindness of strange men, and I felt invincible even after escaping the cabbie who would have raped me. And after him, the truck driver who propositioned me. It was 3 a.m. and raining, so I stayed at a gas station until it became light. I ended up taking the bus from Fiesole back to Florence proper in time to use the public showers at the train station, get a change of clothes…

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