Kneeling, on one knee or two, is one of the basic human postures, one which throughout recorded time we have invested with many meanings. The Wikipedia article below lists many common ones:

In that list there are: Respect, supplication, prayer, begging, petitioning or accepting an honor from a monarch, being ordained as clergy or knighted, surrender, proposing marriage, and so on. There is one meaning that has of late been attributed to the taking of a knee that is new and novel, indeed, unprecedented and at odds with all those others. That one is disrespect for one’s country and its symbols. That is indeed a strange reversal. Someone’s thinking is upside down.

Wikipedia – Kneeling


  1. Very cogent and accurate observation, and I agree 100%. Trump only recognizes the trappings and “optics” of what patriotism means, but hasn’t the foggiest clue of the values true patriotism represent.

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    1. And, the people he is pandering to are afflicted with the “There is only one right way to do anything, think about anything, etc., and, only one right sort of person to be.” They live in a world of sealed categorical boxes rather than one of Venn Diagrams in which categories overlap, expand and contract, and new ones are created, a world without gray, without colors and rainbows.

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      1. They are consumed with black and white thinking. In psychiatry this is called “splitting,” and is a characteristic of the Cluster B personality disorders, which Trump and his cabinet — and I suspect his followers too — have in droves.

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      2. I’ve been thinking about the effects of the deliberate (and cynical) cultivation of groups of “single issue voters”, for whom that issue (abortion, guns, immigration, Confederate monuments, …) takes precedence over any other consideration about a candidate. The issue is felt as being about an existential threat in a zero-sum game where there can be no compromise. The candidate who can capture such voters can work against any of their real interests, get away with any corruption, and feed them any lies, and gaslight them to the point of inability to think critically without consequence so long as they promise to pursue that issue, and their funding source (think Koch Brothers, for example) keeps supporting them and setting the real agenda. The first example was segregation, followed by abortion, followed soon after by gun rights, and so on.

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