The Deliciousness of the Dark

Insane Roots gives a poem of that unworthy feeling.

Insane Roots

It’s different now…the darkness.

In the past it didn’t matter.

I was never lonely.

Nothing to miss,

No presence I longed for,

No craving of a kiss.

But now…

It’s different.

I’m feeling an emptiness,

A longing,

A wish,

For you.

More than I ever wanted,

Your touch,

Oh the sweet sensation of your lips,

Lingering on my skin.

I’m lost love,

In the midst of all that we could be.

I’m scared love,

So terrified of you.

And so I back away,

This defense,

In which I always seem to find my way.

These bricks of fear I mortar,

For surely,

I could never be loved…

Not me,

Not by you.

It simply must…

Be too good to be true.

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