You Knew

Devon – “I can forgive, but I will never forget.”

Devon J Hall

Lately, I have been seeing Harvey Weinstein’s face surrounded by those of his victims everywhere I go. From the grocery store to Twitter, the faces of Hollywood Survivors follow me.

One one hand I feel as if the billion or so women who understand what rape and sexual abuse feel like have won a victory.

Me too is a wonderful albeit useless campaign. At the end of the day it really does only tell us who.

Who was hurt and who knew.

How many of you in the press knew? How many years did we beg and cry and

plead for you to pay attention and you remained silent.

These stories are not new. Marilyn Monroe was addicted to pills to keep her well behaved.

The accusations of rape and sexual abuse happening across the globe are not new. And yet you wait until the story is sensational. You…

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3 thoughts on “You Knew

    1. The image you supplied with the post, i was a foster-child, the family had take a trip to the USA, we end-up staying in a few places an one was on Old Stone Canon Road, in LA right under that sign “HOLLYWOOD”…

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