The insanity of being a news junkie in the age of Trump.

Lucky Otter and abuse by news.

Lucky Otters Haven


Every day when I wake up, I check the news headlines. Maybe it’s just hypervigilance and wanting to reassure myself that Trump hasn’t started nuclear war yet.   This presidency makes me feel like I’m back in an abusive relationship and as a result I feel on guard all the time.

But at the same time, there’s a certain thrill I get from reading stories that seem like they would have been headlines from The Onion just a year ago.   It’s not a good kind of thrill, but the kind of thrill you get from doing something you know might kill you but feeling compelled to try it anyway — like, oh, maybe sky diving or trying methamphetamine.    Only the sick thrill is always accompanied by that awful, sinking, helpless feeling you get when you realize you are totally fucked and there’s not a thing you can do about it. …

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Have you seen this? Corey Feldman’s Truth Campaign

Tamara shares more truth related to #MeToo.

Purple Almond Wellness

This is a difficult topic. However, when I saw Corey’s video, I knew I needed to share it with you. He has a very important message.

Pedophila, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment is out of control and must stop.

Here are some statistics from 

Every_98_seconds 122016.png

  • “On average, there are 321,500 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States.
  • Ages 12-34 are the highest risk years for rape and sexual assault.3
  • Those age 65 and older are 92% less likely than 12-24 year olds to be a victim of rape or sexual assault, and 83% less likely than 25-49 year olds.”

The_Majority_of_Sexual_Assaults 122016.png

1_in_6_Women 122016.png

“Millions of women in the United States have experienced rape.

  • As of 1998, an estimated 17.7 million American women had been victims of attempted or completed rape. 

Young women are especially at risk.

  • 82% of all juvenile victims are female. 90% of adult rape…

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The Deliciousness of the Dark

Insane Roots gives a poem of that unworthy feeling.

Insane Roots

It’s different now…the darkness.

In the past it didn’t matter.

I was never lonely.

Nothing to miss,

No presence I longed for,

No craving of a kiss.

But now…

It’s different.

I’m feeling an emptiness,

A longing,

A wish,

For you.

More than I ever wanted,

Your touch,

Oh the sweet sensation of your lips,

Lingering on my skin.

I’m lost love,

In the midst of all that we could be.

I’m scared love,

So terrified of you.

And so I back away,

This defense,

In which I always seem to find my way.

These bricks of fear I mortar,

For surely,

I could never be loved…

Not me,

Not by you.

It simply must…

Be too good to be true.

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#MeToo: an autobiography

Beth Caplin says #MeToo

Sarahbeth Caplin

Content note for descriptions of sexual harassment/assault

castleWhile swimming at the community pool, a grown man came up to me and asked if I was a dancer. I told him I was a figure skater, and asked why he wanted to know. He replied, “You just have such nice shapely legs.” I was ten years old.

In the cafeteria in junior high, a classmate sits next to me and asks if I’d be interested in hooking up with him. Back then, I couldn’t have told you what “hooking up” even meant, but I knew it was sexual, and I knew I wasn’t interested. I said no, please go away – he didn’t. Instead he kept saying “Aw, why not,” while pinching my cheeks and shoulders until I poured my drink over his head.

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