Why women don’t tell

Teri Carter knows why.

Teri Carter's Library

150318-stern-breakfast-club-tease_lztlzv In case you’ve forgotten, this is what 16 yr old girls look like. Credit: The Breakfast Club – 1985.


(This has been the most-read OpEd in Kentucky for the last week. It is not my writing. It is the subject-matter. This is an epidemic.)

When Beverly Young Nelson held her November 13 press conference about the abuses of Judge Roy Moore down in Alabama, I keyed in on her high school yearbook. I focused on that yearbook the way you focus on a bad car wreck, on the carnage, and I hit the “record” button so I could watch her entire story over and over and over again.

And yet, looking back, it was not her yearbook at all. It was the way Ms. Nelson talked about her neck, the way she described Moore pushing his hands on her neck, the force and the fear she felt, as he tried…

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The Twilight Zone: Compound Lies and Deceptions Used to Prove a Lie

Calico Jack visits the Twilight Zone – Oh, wait, we’re not visiting. We are living there.

The Psy of Life

Twilight Zone Intro from Magill Foote on Vimeo.

 You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

Rod Serling‘s Opening Narration of the Twilight Zone, seasons 4 & 5seasons 4 & 5

America has now entered another dimension. We are now traveling a land of shadow and deception with damn little substance left to it, of very few things and only bankrupt ideas. Rod Serling’s alternate dimension is far too genial and welcoming; ours, far more dystopian.

Lies, Damn Lies, & Clumsy Attempts at Deception

The road to this new dimension is paved with lies. But, we don’t have just common everyday run-of-the-mill garden-variety lies…

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Tell your senators to vote NO on tax bill!

Please do that.

Lucky Otters Haven

@Kamala Harris I voted NO on the tax bill but it still cleared committee (12-11 along party lines). It’s up to all of us to stop the disastrous GOP tax bill when it comes to the floor. Call your Senators now and say we can’t pass a plan that would hurt working families to give a tax break to the top 1%: (202) 224-3121.

Call, call, call! #KILLTHEBILL

The bill would also repeal the ACA individual mandate (which would drive up premiums for people getting ACA) and do a whole host of other horrible things which I’m not going to list here.

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16 kinds of bloggers: which one are you?

LuckuOtter made a list – which kind (or kinds?) of blogger are you?

Lucky Otters Haven

Originally posted on September 25, 2015


There are as many types of bloggers as there are blogs. Here I’m going to describe the 16 different types of bloggers I’ve encountered. Which one are you?

1. The Self-Therapist.
I began my blogging experience as a member of this category. Having just left a long, abusive relationship, I felt the need to document my journey to recovery after abuse by writing about it. My intuition told me that making my therapeutic journal public for all eyes would ultimately be more beneficial for me than just putting it on WordPad or something. My intuition proved correct and I’ve been able to help others too, just by going public.

After awhile, as I no longer felt much of a need to blog about my mental health and relationships with my abusers, I moved more in the direction of The General Purpose Blogger (#13) and…

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10 things that make your blog suck.

LuckyOtter makes 10 good points.

Lucky Otters Haven


I think I’ve been in this blogging business long enough to tell when I see a bad blog. So I decided to round up the ten most annoying things I’ve seen bloggers do that make me hit the backspace key and never visit their blog again. If you blog, I hope you don’t do any of these things.

1. The blogger allows comments, but attacks anyone who disagrees with them. I’m not talking about abusive or trollish comments (which should be trashed or sent to spam anyway), but there are some bloggers YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DISAGREE WITH. You can’t have a civilized debate because even questioning their opinions sends them into the online equivalent of a two year old’s temper tantrum. If you are so certain of your rightness that you must attack those who even suggest a differing viewpoint, why allow comments at all?

2. The majority…

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Against Excess this Holiday Season…I will do my damnedest.

The Chatty Introvert faces the temptations of holiday spending.

The Chatty Introvert

Recommend: from Dandelion Salad: Tis the Season To Wage Boycotts!

I can’t help it–I get suckered into good deals and the belief that I won’t get stuck in debt every year. I’m sure I’m still paying for Christmas gifts from 10 years ago because I’ve never crawled from the hole I dug. I’m working my way up again, but it’s slow and steady going.

I know I’ll be browsing for ideas, marking things on my wish list…but even if the deals are just SO DAMN GOOD, I will resist. I have to. I can’t buy with a credit card anymore. I will wait for the next paycheck to come in if the price is low enough and I really can’t wait for it.

Admittedly, there are some “suggested reads” for some masterclasses that I’m signed up for that I’ll either borrow or find used first…then online if I can’t. I…

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Surface Dweller – 1Wise-Woman

On Sudden Denouement, 1Wise-Woman presents a strong poem.

Sudden Denouement Collective

Prison of promises
Delusions for the damned
Lies and betrayal
Death comes in intervals
Layer upon layer
Until all that is left are
Living dead
Shuffling round my head
Knocking at the door
Needing more
Offering less
Say you will save me
Whispering I love you
Behind my back
Fingers crossed
Soul stealer
Contradictions collect
In cranial crevices
Where absurdity blurs
Redundant reality
Devil keeps me company
Tap tap tapping claws
On protruding spine
Reciting rhymes
Psalms of sacrifice
Fracturing fault lines
Interrupting time
Minutia mocks me
Days become weeks
Become months
Become hell on earth
Dusted eyes
Search ashen skies
Stifling cries
Regurgitated hope
Assures every ending
Begets a new beginning
Rueful rebirth
I’m waiting
Gunpowder on my breath
Surface dwellers
Feign faith
While I die my last death

[1Wise-Woman: “I am living, fighting, and thriving with mental illness and chronic disease and a need…

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Just Doubt Me One More Time

The Sassy Lassie raps

The Heart of Sassy Lassie

You doubt me
You tout me
But yet you feel the need
to know all about me

What’s your story?
You’re so whorey
Wear your abuse like a badge of glory

The shit you talk it can’t be real
Too surreal
It just buys you street appeal

You’re a make believer
A pitiful deceiver
She’s not real
You just conceived her

You’re the little girl lost
So star-crossed
Your blood it drips
from the Holy Cross

But we should love you
Rise above you
Always careful not to shove you

It’s all bullshit
Your stories don’t fit
You just want attention
You spin it like a drill bit

Poor lost soul
Falling down the rabbit hole
Your soul was saved by rock n roll

You dress up nice and pretty
Collecting all that pity
You’re the only one
Who ever had it shitty

Draw them in with your mystique
Hoping for a sad critique

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