A poem from Hasty – what the title says



I can’t keep up
Though I step up
And throw down
Every single second
I’m struggling
Just to show up
Trying not to give up
And people keep
Speaking and screaming
And I keep on
Dodging the words
That they keep on
Spitting up
But I’m scared dude
Mother fucking
Full of fear accrued
Amplified and skewed
I’m driving myself mad
Can’t see a way out
It’s as if I am glued
To this goddamn feud
Inside my head
And my attitude
Limits my fortitude
Effecting the solitude
Of the world I’m in
And I am worried
Everyone is so hurried
That I will drown
In the magnitude
Of all my decisions
Completely alone
Piling up consequences
Punching me in the gut
As I keep on
Doing the only thing I can
Keeping on
Keeping on

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