How the U.S. Lost Its Mind — The Atlantic

Calico Jack offers an link and comment on The Psy Of Life.

The Psy of Life

What do we call people who don’t deal with reality? Crazy! Insane! Mad! Because they are! Reality is there to keep us on the straight and narrow. The degree of detail of our perception of it is the minimum necessary to allow us to survive. For example, if we needed to perceive the ultraviolet wave lengths of the light spectrum to survive, like a bird does, then we would! We all know ultraviolet light waves are out there, but we don’t perceive them. We react strongly to sudden changes in our environment because to ignore them or dither over them took the ditherer’s genes out of the gene pool, i.e. they died! They equivocated when the cheetah was charging; everyone else ran just far enough; and the waffler got et with or without maple syrup.

Reality is out there. We don’t perceive all of it. And, those of us who…

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