I Can Be Afraid and Angry, Even When I Don’t Know Where to Set It.

The Chatty Introvert reacts to an unwanted message.

The Chatty Introvert

I probably could’ve jumped on the #metoo bandwagon while it was still rolling strong, but I wanted to listen more than anything. I wanted to understand, because when it comes to social skills, I have few.

Then the texts came this morning.

Maybe it’s some twisted coincidence, but 10 has become a cursed number for me regarding a certain former co-worker. The first time 10 figured was when I’d quit the job (mostly because of his inability to get a clue that I wasn’t interested in dating him) til the day he confronted me about treating him like crap. I hadn’t said a word to him in ten months and figured he’d gotten a clue.

Around ten months after that 2nd confrontation, here I am. I was at work this morning, and had felt bad most of the past week with sinus pressure and pre-migraine symptoms. Most people were giving…

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