#046–How much would the conversation change if the media focused on the victims instead of the killers?

The Chatty Introvert asks —

The Chatty Introvert

(Image from theconversation.com)

I am one of those people. I am a true crime book reader, and a fan of movies, miniseries, documentaries, and t.v. shows about true crime. I find myself watching, fascinated, by what’s going on, or what happened in a particular case.

It’s not about a fascination with the killer exactly; it’s wanting to know how law enforcement is going to stop it, or bring the killer to justice. I don’t think I’ve ever watched to dig into all the details of a killer’s life and find sympathy for them. I want to see how the cops take care of things.

Heroes vs. Villains, the old story.

That’s why I watch. That’s why I think I’ve always watched.

That’s also why I’ve had absolutely no interest in watching the Saw or Hostel franchises, or even Nightmare on Elm Street and similar gore-fests. Hell, I don’t care…

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