Roy Moore, Al Franken, Halos, Horns, and the Hive Mind

Calico Jack takes on the complexities and simplicities of the accusations, defenses, and mudlement.

The Psy of Life

We are at a unique point in history, a rare point, a point that we’d all be wise to make note of for future reference. This very moment as it stretches across the days, weeks, and months could very well be a turning point. Is this the moment that we throw off the tyranny of privileged men, in general, and privileged white men in particular, or is this the moment that we stepped up to the abyss, dangled a foot over the void, wet ourselves, and then turned back?

ARS Electonica Festival, Synthea Amatus, Rape, Sexual Assault, Samantha, AI Sex Dolls, All MenRaping an AI Sexbot

It seems that every day brings anew accusation of sexual impropriety against another prominent white man. Besides Bill Cosby, has there been an accusation against a man of color? I don’t know. I coulda missed it. If you know of one, personal or public, please let us know in the comments. It would be much appreciated. This…

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