#048–Why do some people play music on their phones without headphones or earbuds in public places?

The Chatty Introvert comments on, and seeks explanation for a particular form of noise pollution.

The Chatty Introvert

The Universe strikes again with something I can work with. I have excellent hearing. Even now I can hear Starbucks’ sound system through my wrap-around headphones, which are on to diminish the noise so I can write.

Also, it was to tune out a whole different noise that I couldn’t define (but I assume was music).

I’ve had this question for quite a while. I understand people like to listen to their music or audio clips or videos or whatever, and thanks to phones they can bring ’em with them wherever they want. It’s nice to listen to what you want.

But it doesn’t mean we all want to listen to it with you!

It happens once in a while around here. There’s the sound system in the corners playing music, and then this tinny, brash noise coming from somebody’s phone that isn’t a ringtone. The person is sitting there…

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