Just Doubt Me One More Time

The Sassy Lassie raps

The Heart of Sassy Lassie

You doubt me
You tout me
But yet you feel the need
to know all about me

What’s your story?
You’re so whorey
Wear your abuse like a badge of glory

The shit you talk it can’t be real
Too surreal
It just buys you street appeal

You’re a make believer
A pitiful deceiver
She’s not real
You just conceived her

You’re the little girl lost
So star-crossed
Your blood it drips
from the Holy Cross

But we should love you
Rise above you
Always careful not to shove you

It’s all bullshit
Your stories don’t fit
You just want attention
You spin it like a drill bit

Poor lost soul
Falling down the rabbit hole
Your soul was saved by rock n roll

You dress up nice and pretty
Collecting all that pity
You’re the only one
Who ever had it shitty

Draw them in with your mystique
Hoping for a sad critique

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