Executive Dysfunction & Extreme Narcissism In One Weird Tweet

Calico Jack deconstructs the nightmare.

The Psy of Life

BlackSwanAre Trump’s Tweets Evidence of His Abnormality?

Imagine you’re having a nightmare, so, of course, you wake up, only to find that you’re not awake, but still asleep and still having a nightmare! You’re having a nightmare about having a nightmare! It’s a nightmare within a nightmare! After you wake up from both the nightmare and the embedded nightmare, you are finally awake, so you go back to sleep and have yet another nightmare! That’s what we’re going through in the US of A right now! It’s a whole endless nightmare kind of thing. And just when you think it is over or couldn’t get any worse… it just keeps going and getting worse!

When you have a nightmare, there’s no one to blame, but when you have the Ol’ Pussy Grabber abusing the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office with pee-hookers and gawd knows what else, we only have…

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