This Mountain

Stephanie Bennett-Henry gives a poem of the challenge of escaping safety to find love.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

This road…

it’s not a road at all.

Look again

See it through my eyes.

I’ve never seen a mountain

bigger than the world

like this one in front of me.


Can you hear that?

There’s a echo

carried by the wind.

It’s my heart.

Beating out of my chest.

I am scared to death.

I have lived my whole life

in a comfort zone,

here on the ground.

No mountains to climb

No rivers to cross

I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.

I don’t.

There has always been someone

throwing me a life raft,

even when I wasn’t close

to drowning.

I’ve always known safe.

I drew a line a long time ago

and never thought of crossing it

because the other side

was unknown.

I’ve never been one to break

that pattern.

Familiarity is how I stay warm.

I guess I’m a habit

I can’t…

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