You ought to be terrified right now.

LuckyOtter raises an alarm, but with resources for action.

Lucky Otters Haven


They vote on the Net Neutrality repeal  in TWO DAYS.

But it gets worse.  Much worse.

This is not fake news.   The source is reliable and it can be cross referenced.

“Bad actors” is code for the resistance.  It doesn’t specifically say citizens will be policed.   But it’s what they actually are intending to do.   Big Brother has arrived.

Did you know they’re also planning on a privatized army led by Erik Prince?  But that’s another topic for another time.     It’s terrifying.

I feel sick.  They are taking away everything.  Turning us into a dictatorship.   I can’t even imagine what other horrors they have in store.   These monsters will stop at nothing to make sure we have no healthcare, no social security, no freedom, no rights, no voice, nothing.

Text RESIST to 50409.  Jam the phone lines.   Write letters.  Email.  Tweet.  Whatever.  This is an attempt to shut us…

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