Seasonal Reflections

Lizzi reflects on the holiday season and reflecting


I think I know why people leave self-reflection for the week before the new year.

Not the small self-reflections, you understand – not the “Oh, I should have thought of writing that on my list and now I have to go out again” kind, or the “Why didn’t I learn this last time I did it?” kind – the BIG self-reflections. The “Why is this a habit I am perpetuating?” kind.

The “How has my life come to this?”kind.

The “What didn’t I do last year, that I can do about it this year?” kind.

seasonal reflections

I think it’s the onslaught.

Whatever your holiday, the season takes over, quite flagrantly, from about October onwards. With the infiltration of social media into everyday life, it is hard to avoid the collective sigh which goes up when the first ornaments make their way into the shops; when the first festive songs are heard…

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