Rapid Cycling

Have you ever heard of Rapid Cycling? Well, Stephanie Bennett-Henry explains, poetically.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Everything is calm outside the window.

The noise you hear is the rapid cycling

of my heart getting a head start

on my mind before my mind

crosses the finish line first

and takes it all before anything else

has a chance to say… slow down…

wait for me…. no.

My mind doesn’t care

if you catch up or not.

It doesn’t care if you catch on

or catch fire.

It’s just how it is.

There’s not a button anywhere

for me to take control

of this madness

that sometimes feels like

a carnival with roller coasters

or a freak show circus of clowns

who won’t stop smiling

that creepy fucking smile.

It’s never going to be pretty.

My heart says it’s always beautiful

but my mind…

my mind has a thousand ways

to turn it into the ugliest thing

you’ve ever seen.

Don’t try me.

Don’t test the waters…

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