What Little Girls Are Made Of

On BraveAndReckless, Christine Ray paints a poetic picture of a special little girl.

Brave & Reckless

She had always been puzzled

by the idea that little girls

were made of sugar

and spice

and everything nice

In her experience

that’s not what

little girls

were made of at all

The mean girls smelled

like cruelty mixed with uncertainty

Disdain peppered with insecurity

Ravenous hunger and envy

Some girls smelled like

saccharine sweetness

and copper wire

wound too tight

Always trying to please

to be liked

to be popular

Others just wanted

to fly under the radar

to escape the notice

of mean girls who torment

of chameleon girls who offered

friendship only to shun them

the moment the mean girls

or a boy


She was a different

kind of girl

The quiet, watchful kind

She had constellations

in her eyes

Oceans in her soul

Ageless wisdom in her heart

Steel in her spine

Fire in her blood

and patience

Her time would come

There weren’t many

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