The “Half-Mile”: recap-ing questions #026 – 050 that made the cut.

The Chatty Introvert asks a lot of questions.

The Chatty Introvert

Well, reached that halfway point of 100 questions I initially wanted to ask and get answers to. But I’m such a curious nutcase that I’m likely to make it 1000 easy (already got a notebook of 300+ more to tackle as topics, so why not?).

So, for easier perusal, I’m providing the links to #026 -#050 below

And for the 1st 25 questions I asked when starting this blog, you’ll find the links in this post

#026–How much power has Congress given away to the Executive Branch?

#027–Why do they show the World Series of Poker on ESPN?

#028–What positive purpose does standardized testing have?

#029–When dogs do their thing outside, what are they sniffing for?

#030–Why would anyone who is not a peace officer want to “open carry” a firearm?

#031–How long have ships had “watertight compartments” and how were they developed?


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