15 Mental Health Resolutions For The New Year

Sam makes resolutions. They all make sense.

Let's Queer Things Up!

2017 was pretty momentous, as far as mental health and recovery goes.

I was finally diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which was one of the most important realizations I’ve ever had. It’s also the year I finally said goodbye to alcohol and hello to online therapy (both A+ decisions). As far as personal growth goes, it was kind of a banner year for me.

It wasn’t easy, though. 2017 was also an important reminder that healing takes hard work. The combination of political and personal turmoil landed me in the hospital last January, and a series of unchecked compulsions finally led me to seek professional help for my OCD after it tore through my life like a relentless tornado.

That’s because, my dear internet pals, healing isn’t linear. When you think you’ve got a plan in place, the universe often laughs in response.

So why make resolutions at all? Well…

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Who Were You Before the War? (revisited)

Christine Ray asks a question. How many do or don’t have an answer?

Brave & Reckless

Who were you


the War?

The war fought over

the disputed territory

of your budding

woman-child’s body?

Can you recall

the you

you were


borders were violated

in relentless invasion?

When control was wrestled away

Trust broken

Innocence lost

Drops of rich red blood

dripping on newly fallen snow

Titanium armor

has since been acquired

Weapons of mass destruction


Deep trenches


Heart locked

in ivory tower

Soul wandering

the dark dungeons



now your boon companions

Do you still remember

who you were

before the war?

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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The “Half-Mile”: recap-ing questions #026 – 050 that made the cut.

The Chatty Introvert asks a lot of questions.

The Chatty Introvert

Well, reached that halfway point of 100 questions I initially wanted to ask and get answers to. But I’m such a curious nutcase that I’m likely to make it 1000 easy (already got a notebook of 300+ more to tackle as topics, so why not?).

So, for easier perusal, I’m providing the links to #026 -#050 below

And for the 1st 25 questions I asked when starting this blog, you’ll find the links in this post

#026–How much power has Congress given away to the Executive Branch?

#027–Why do they show the World Series of Poker on ESPN?

#028–What positive purpose does standardized testing have?

#029–When dogs do their thing outside, what are they sniffing for?

#030–Why would anyone who is not a peace officer want to “open carry” a firearm?

#031–How long have ships had “watertight compartments” and how were they developed?


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Last Night I Was the Moon. . .

Chrisitne Ray – a poem that sings of love

Brave & Reckless

last night

i was the moon



hung on an indigo canvas

painted with thousands of twinkling lights

my silver mercury glow

reflected in

still waters

meandering rivers

crashing waves

and your sea glass eyes

full of awe

full of wonder

last night

i was the moon

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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Something She Will Never Have

Insane Roots – a poem, a risk taken

Insane Roots

With hope in her heart she stumbled,

Thinking maybe,

This time would be different.

No more,

Is far,

In love and war.

For she finally found the courage,

To bare her soul,

And was met with only regret.

Once again the fool,



Blundering hope,

For something that was real.

Something now,

She knows,

She will never have.

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S.K. Nicholas gives a poem with advice.

S. K. Nicholas


people are scum, girl

so run and don’t look back


drift into outer space on a magic carpet


leave behind

those human stains

until the air in your lungs runs out


you end up being reborn

in the heart of some faraway


the details are not important

whether or not it’s fact or fiction is

besides the point

just believe what you want

to believe

the opinion and approval of others is

as worthless as piss

so go ahead


on them

if you wish

they won’t even


A Journal for Damned Lovers Volumes 1 & 2 on Amazon.co.uk

A Journal for Damned Lovers Volumes 1 & 2 on Amazon.com

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Seeking wholeness

TheFeatheredSleep – a poem of healing what has been broken, restoring what has been lost.


My core may seem


The flame dimly lit

My eyes may be glazed with

A heaviness that will not lift

And yet

I am also

A firebird

And yet

I am also a child of this Earth

You can

Force me to surrender

But I remain

A little defiant

I used to fight back

I forgot the art of war

In adherence to well trodden rules

I bent into something lost

But I am not


It is my nature to dissolve

When four rivers convene

It is in the terror I see

What must be done

For when we wish most to end

So we have


And it is time to take that journey

To light

The far tower

That it be bright enough

To bring back

All that was


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