2017: The Year in Fauxtography — Snopes

Calico Jack shares a link to a collection that clearly demonstrates we cannot rely of pictures on the internet.

The Psy of Life

We all love us some end of the year lists of bests and mosts and other random stuff that no one no where really cares about. (NB. I’ll be producing my own useless end-of-the-year listy things today, too.) But, this one caught my eye just because it is amusing  — perhaps one of the chiefest qualifying qualities for anything since my super power is being easily amused, you see — and it fits with the theme of Ye Olde Blogge,  it’s psychological. It’s psychological because the brain is easy to fool. Even when you know you’re being fooled, you’re still fooled.

A few weeks ago Mrs. Calico bought us an early Christmas present, a PS4 thingee and some games. We run it through our projector since we don’t have a TV — how’s that for an inside glimpse into the real life behind Ye Olde Blogge, no TV! Anywho. All of…

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