The psychiatrist who briefed Congress on Trump’s mental state: this is “an emergency” – Vox

Calico Jack reviews a very worrisome article and book.

The Psy of Life

This article is an interview with Bandy Lee, an assistant clinical professor at the Yale School of Medicine who has spent her twenty year career studying violence as a global health issue. She is an expert in the prevention of violence and has consulted with a variety of state and national governments in violence prevention programs including initiating reforms at Rikers Island, the notorious prison.

She is a psychiatric expert in violence and violence prevention.

She is the moving force behind The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. She’s listed as author, but each chapter has been written by other prominent psychologists. Her writing contributions are the forward and epilogue. She also hosted a conference by a similar title.

She makes several interesting points in the interview and the book. You should read the entire interview and the book, but I’ll summarize what I found most interesting here. Feel…

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