Recognizing Early Warning Signs of a Mental Illness

The Bipolar Writer writes about early signs.

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

One of my goals of writing “The Bipolar Writer” blog is to inform my followers. I also want to reach those who might read my blog on topics in mental illness awareness. Those that are seeking to understand in their own mental health. Or those who are trying to better understand someone they love with a mental illness. The best way to inform is to use my own experiences.

Most experts will agree with the following statement. Mental illnesses rarely emerge out of this air.

It is imperative that we look out for our loved ones as mental illnesses are becoming commonplace in our society. What I want to talk about on today’s blog are the early signs of mental illness. If we can catch a mental illness through education, it can mean our loved ones will get treatment sooner. That’s the goal. To make the upward trend of more…

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