Histrionics and Heroin: Nancy and Courtney

Cluster B examines two lives. Nature? Nurture? Both? Something else?


Nancy Spungen is Cluster B All the Way
So is Courtney Love

nancy_childIn reading And I Don’t Want to Live This Life by Deborah Spungen, Nancy’s mother, I have to wonder if people with histrionic personality disorder can be born that way people are born with psychopathy. There are details in Nancy’s childhood that can suggest narcissism or even psychopathy. She certainly controlled her family and was a holy terror to them for years. There is overlap between all the Cluster B “disorders” but I think a histrionic diagnosis fits her the best.

When she was born, February 1, 1958, she had a with a blood condition called ABO incompatibility, similar to RH-negative. nancy_babyShe needed a series of transfusions to save her life. After the transfusions, it was evident that she was an extremely volatile person, scrappy and feisty.

I looked for her through the nursery window. My eyes scanned…

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