Thanks for All the Things

Lizzi writes of a transforming love.


I was asked the other day if I was still in love with You.

The conversation to that point had washed up gently on various shores, and the ebb and flow of communication was peaceful. My friend and I had drifted sleepily through the conversation, languishing in its peaks and troughs as time went by.

Her question capsized me, suddenly dumping me into chilly seas when I least expected it.

Was I?

Had I ever been?

I trod water frantically, gasping for breath; reaching for a response I didn’t have.

I grabbed hold of the remains of my composure and clung tight, bobbing up and down with them, thinking hard.


Firmly, definitely, no.

The answer fell from me as it calmed the turmoil in my mind – the inverse effect of a pebble rippling a pool – and poured oil on troubled waters, letting me see clearly.



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