#053–Does God prefer cash, check or credit card?: or, why the prosperity gospel bugs the hell out of me.

The Chatty Introvert has a problem with some preachers and their scams.

The Chatty Introvert

I’m asking for it, I know–posting a religious question on a Sunday of all days, but when the question won’t go away, it just won’t. The whole “prosperity gospel” thing’s been stewing in my mind for weeks (and years) and I finally just had to do some digging.

Well, I’ve had the same opinion about the prosperity gospel for some time. It’s my mother’s preference for all the preachers that tend to fit under this umbrella that kind of turned me off of Christianity. I haven’t been to church in decades, and part of me wouldn’t want to try. I’d only go if I was certain that the church fit me as a first timer, and I wouldn’t want to step foot in a prosperity gospel church again.

Now, what stirred the pot for me thinking about this again was browsing the internet and being bored: I stumbled on a…

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