Sweet Sudden Love (revisited)

Christine Ray – scenes of a feeling

Brave & Reckless

It was a sweet, sudden love

the kind best enjoyed

over chocolate chip cookies

and lattes at hipster coffee shops

live music played by singer songwriters

While browsing

independent bookstores

with overstuffed chairs

and an extensive travel section

During long moonlit walks

on chilly nights

when warm breath clouds

in the icy air

where dreams are exchanged

while mitten-clad hands

are clasped together

and tender kisses

are shared under the golden pool

of a vintage streetlamp

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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TheFeatheredSleep – seeking wellness


I am aware of the acrid taste in my mouth

of months

rolled under yellowed paper and stuffed with dust

I am aware of the dusk and the dawn

as it begins and falls outside of my existence

for the confined are the ones, who most seek the light

held back by the devil on my back, digging his rusty spurs

I dream

of who I was before, and who I may again, become

Restrained in abayence, watching the spin of twitching world

was there a time yet? I did not sicken at the mention

of nutrition and sustainence?

or energy enough to power through, whatever ailed me

now the vampire drains me of enough, I can only watch

in flickering shadows, a dance of memories across my jaundice

so much has come and gone in this short time, where a day

feels eternal

where an hour of pain is…

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Seeking Help in a Non-Crisis Situation

The Bipolar Writer takes up an important subject.

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

It is always important to seek help in a crisis situation. If you are feeling suicidal or having suicidal ideations, then it is imperative to seek help. That means going to the emergency room and talking to your psychiatrist or therapist. Suicide is a serious thing, and if you have followed The Bipolar Writer you know I am against suicide. If my experience has taught me anything, it is that suicide is not the answer.

With that said. I want to talk about what to do in a non-crisis situation.

What You Should You Do?

If you have concluded that there is no life or death situation for you or someone you love, but they need help. Then you should seek help. But what does that mean? Insurance is an important part of the equation. After my first suicide attempt, I had no insurance. It was clear that it meant…

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Christine Ray – a place in 10 objects

Brave & Reckless

Challenge: write about a life experience using only ten objects.  This is about my life as social worker at Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute (EPPI) in the 1990s

Skeleton keys

Locked doors

Institutional green walls


Psychosocial assessments

Biting teeth

Shoes covered in ink


Bomb shelter

Bullet through glass

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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SEPTA (10 object challenge)

Christine Ray takes up a challenge, first one direction, then the other.

Brave & Reckless

My Morning Commute

Restless commuters

Coffee to-go cups

Noses buried in Smartphones


Monthly Trailpasses/Smartpasses

Inadequate shelter on concrete platform

Signal Light for tain

The one commuter paying fare in coin, holding up the line, inevitablably on a rainy or frosty morning

Standing-room-only view from under an armpit

The fight through the crowd as I near my stop, anxiety heightened

My Evening Commute

Tired, subdued commuters

Loud, lively children with energy I envy

Sticky floor and discarded Metros

Contraband pizza being eaten

The guy with the bicycle nudging everyone over

Sharp curves taken at too fast a speed

Platform signs hard to read in winter dark

The commuter who desperately needs a shower and antiperspirant

My favorite conductor making humorous overhead announcements and chatting with passengers

Long walk up the steep hill to my snug house

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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Never Forget.

LuckyOtter reminds us of the emerging policies of the current administration regarding immigrants (legal and otherwise) on this day, International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Lucky Otters Haven


ICE and Border Patrol roundups, incarcerations, and deportations are happening at an increasingly alarming rate in recent weeks, and the abuses inflicted on those targeted are also getting worse.   While border security initially focused only on criminals from entering our borders, now that definition has expanded to include non-criminal immigrants who live respectable lives and have families.  Targeted individuals now include children and Dreamers, the elderly and the sick.  Kids, even babies and toddlers, are being cruelly separated from their parents, and husbands are being torn from their wives.  People who have lived and worked in this country for decades and contributed to society in countless ways are now being rounded up for deportation by border patrol agents, who appear to act without mercy or compassion, and often with force and violence.  The other day, I read with horror about a busload of people in Florida all being forced to…

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It’s a wonderful day…

LuckyOtter brings a wish for us to have a wonderful day, and a song to help with that.

Lucky Otters Haven


It’s another lovely day in Trumpistan.  Enjoy the day anyway! Be kind to each other, appreciate all the beauty that still exists in the universe (and that he can never take away from us), take care of yourself, don’t let the idiots get you down, and

Here’s a song that always inspires me.  Listen to the words.

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Wish for Wings

Christine Ray – a gesture relieving burdens

Brave & Reckless

you stand with your back to me



I, transfixed

by how your wings attach

to blades of shoulders

already burdened by the weight

of humanity’s sorrow

of the demands

of gods with no mercy

how can mere bone

bear this additional weight

of a thousand ivory feathers

brushed with gold

without folding

to the ground?

the strip of bare skin

that separates

your magnificent wings

calls to me

my hand reaches out

palm extended

to trace

the path of smooth muscle

memorizes your contours

the intake of your breath

the rapid beats of our hearts

the only sound

as I press my cheek

to that vulnerable spot

you are stiff for a moment

before relaxing fully

against me

guiding my arms firmly

around your waist

holding them tight

accepting the comfort

of my warm

human touch

© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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