Call for Submissions: Telling Our Stories About Invisible Illness Creatively Deadline February 9, 2018

Christine Ray is still seeking submissions, with a deadline.

Brave & Reckless

I am one of the millions of people living with invisible illness.  I may look “normal” but my life is anything but normal as I struggle to live with depression and fibromyalgia on a daily basis.

Brave and Reckless is currently accepting submissions of photos, artwork, poetry, prose, short fiction, essay and other creative mediums that express what it is like to live with an invisible physical or mental illness.  It is an opportunity to educate, to entertain, enlighten and express ourselves creatively.  If you are living with an invisible illness or are caring for someone living with an invisible illness I hope you will consider participating in this project.

Email your submissions to by Friday, February 9th with your name, the name you publish under, a brief biography and a link to wherever you publish your work.  A suggested image would also be appreciated.

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