The Space of Gray

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – a response to breakage

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

and sometimes I still find myself looking in your eyes for the pieces you took away from me, thinking maybe I will recognize a certain color that looks like an answer or a reason why, but emptiness never painted itself in a specific shade. I never could find my way through the space that hides between the black and white. The blank in the gray grabs me before I have a chance to focus and the hands in the fog are thick enough with indifference, I have nothing left but resentment that grew cold under a sky raining colorblind. The sun stops shining after a while, you know? Not all of us feel the same warmth. Maybe some of us never do. I wasted so many wishes on stars that were always only listening to someone else or perhaps my wishes broke the whole damn sky with their desperation. It…

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