Why I stayed. — Borne Back Ceaselessly

Calico Jack comments on a recent departure from the White House Staff and shares the story of one of the women in tha man’s life.

The Psy of Life

Rob Porter is the latest casualty to be left in the wake of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s turbulent destructive passage through our world, and has won the White House another gold medal in the shoot-yerself-in-the-dick competition that the entire administration seems to be engaged in. Apparently, after he failed for the umpteenth time to get his security clearance, he called up his punching bags and demanded they tell him what they told the FBI before he went over to their houses and beat the shit outta them (allegedly)! He was gonna bring Hope Hicks and call it a date.

Lucky for him, though, he had none other than John Kelly admiring the way he respected women, so he still got to see all the top secret stuff that flows through the White House and could continue to work there.

It looks like John Kelly is edging ahead by having…

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