The Psychological Motivations of the Players in the Second Government Shutdown

Calico Jack comments on some apparent dysfunction in DC.

The Psy of Life

You knew when the Ol’ Pussy Grabber won, it was going to be a wild ride. We didn’t know what exact contours of the shock waves that his caustic chaotic confusion that he would unleash upon the government, country, and the world, but, just like watching a nuclear blast on the horizon, you knew the wave was coming accompanied by the horror of debris and fire as well as the invisible and far more dangerous contaminants and the long-term damage that will haunt the survivors. We knew it was coming and had all the horror stemming from awaiting the inevitable horror.

The Issues of the Shutdown

Let me review the issues around this shutdown: Everybody wants to help the Dreamers. Everybody wants to fund the military, especially given the egregious training and deployment disasters we’ve experienced recently. Everybody wants to get Americans healthcare. Everybody thinks deficit spending is bad. So…

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