The Edges

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – pieces and edges – an unsolved puzzle

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

and you’d think I would have this perfected by now. This sadness that sneaks in at night while I’m asleep, it blankets me like steel bars that swear to feel so soft. But once again, like the story of my life, I am as hardened as I have ever been. It’s something I’ve questioned for as long as I can remember. The way we are capable of breaking our own hearts. But maybe that’s just me, alone in the devastation of ripping myself apart until there’s nothing left other than my heart in a million pieces. So I sit with these pieces and hold them close. Analyze the edges of each one to see if there’s an answer to the way it hurts. There never is. Maybe I’m punishing myself for not having this puzzle of me mastered. Maybe this chaos that runs wild through my blood is something I…

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