Here’s to the Queers

Devon brings a letter, necessarily anonymous, from The Closet, about which she has much to say.

Devon J Hall

Before we get started I am about to post something that I did not write – how I found it does not matter, and the name of the unidentified author does not matter. I have my suspicions and I am sure you will to – I will delete any post that attempts in any way to try and “out” the author.

This was posted anonymously for a reason, please attempt to respect that. Without further ado here is a post that completely shattered my heart.

First of all, I would just like to say that being closeted is the hardest part of being in the spotlight, especially when one is famous for their “looks.”

I am an American film actor and I have been pretty much inside of the fragile wardrobe for some time now…

I wasn’t “gay” or “into men” persay throughout my whole career or life for that…

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